Mogollon Rim Airedales

Hunting Pictures

Hammer, (center) owned by Kent C. Az. Zack/Sadie

Zack treed.

Jake treed on Bobcat, owned by Shirley W. ,Az. Gunny/Sadie

Sadie (digging) and Xena after the fox.

Oakley treeing on coon, (training season) Gunny/Sadie

The "Woof" and Lucy treeing on their first bear. Owned by John-Henry, AZ. Cajun/Kay

The "Woof" and Lucy.

Lucy (center) getting some "Air"

Kay (Zack/Xena) with her first bear

Airedales Kay, Tagger, Fenris, and Lucy

The Hunt

I had gone down to Southeastern Az. to bear hunt and maybe some lion hunting. I took some of our dogs, Airedales Cajun, Zack, Rusty, Gabbie, Kay. And our little Stephen Stock Cur Yancey. Opening morning John-Henry, Chuck E. and a friend and I with a bunch of dogs went in on foot up a small canyon. The dogs never woked a track. John - Henry and Heather with most of the dogs were to walk out a different way while Chuck and I and some dogs went back to get the trucks.

As John-Henry and Heather made their way up the mouth of a canyon, Yancey, and Airedale Micky and a Walker hound got on a bear and the race was on. This bear took the dogs up a box canyon and as he made his way up and out and lost the dogs. This race went on for a few hours. Yancey and the hound came back in with torn pads, Micky came in 6hrs. later.

A few days later and some different dogs we were back up the same canyon. Cayenne a cold nosed Redtick hound started working the side of the canyon, 2 hrs. later with the sun in the canyon she only moved it a 1/4 mile. We pulled her off and headed back to the truck. On the way down the dirt road we found some nice bear tracks in the dust. We would hunt this early in the morning .

At daylight the next day we were at the locked gate. We turned out our mob of dogs. One Cur, two Hounds and 5 Airedales. We had 3 set's of litter mates. Lucy and Bowhead, Walker/Bloodhound. Tagger and Kay (Zack/Xena) and Fenris (Woof) and Lucy (Cajun/Kay). Cajun is also Tagger's and Kay's grandfather , he was the 5th. Airedale. It was a sight to see the dogs move up the dirt road, moving from side to side. About 1 1/2 miles up the road, the dogs were about 10 min. out from us when Yancey blew up, followed by the hounds and then the Airedales. What a sound that filled the creek bottom. The dogs were all in Full Cry as they moved the game. John-Heny and I looked at each other and picked up the pace. The dogs were moving fast. About 5min. they all fell silent. We stopped and wondered what they were running when they blew up. This time they were treed. As we got closer we could see all the dogs treeing under a large oak tree, it was a sight that we all love.... treeing dogs. When we got to the tree , there up about 15 feet was a large boar Black Bear. We let the dogs tree for awhile as we took some pictures and shot some film. John-Henry asked me if I wanted to take it. As this was my first bear, and with some of my dogs and a nice sized bear I said sure. We tied the dogs all back and I harvested the bear with a S&W.41 mag.

Well the bear stayed up in the tree. After he was dead, I went up and pushed him out. We let the dogs wool on him some, took some pictures. Now came the work. As we could not drive up to the bear we gutted him out and went back to the house for one of the mules. We got a big draft mule and went back. We loaded the bear on the mule and headed home. Now the work began. I kept the meat, Tomas Teskey tanned the hide for me. It was alot of work but well worth it.

The pups Fenris, and Lucy just turned 1 year old the week before. I was sure proud of them. Good friends, good dogs, and a great hunt.


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